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24 May 2018

Beaver Sports comply with GDPR Data regulations and we need to know your data in order to effectively operate our business and work with you or your company. We hold and process data in order to efficiently complete contracts, our Privacy Notice is available as below and will be supplied on request. GDPR imposes strict new rules on controlling and processing people’s data and seeks to give individuals more control over how organisations use their data, please find our Privacy Notice herewith. Why we need it? <

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21 Sep 2013

Beaver Sports are active on Facebook, you can join our ever growing group of friends for a chat at and also keep up to date with regular enhanced product information and news at Please 'Like' us!!

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26 Jun 2013

McNETT AQUASURE McNett’s Aquasure distributed by Beaver Sports is a worldwide industry standard for permanent, maximum strength repairs to wet or dry suits and many other types of water sports products including inflatable’s etc. Flexible urethane formula waterproofs, seals and also protects against abrasion. Even fins masks and torches can be fixed in an emergency using Aquasure! Product Code: MN AQU R.R.P. FROM ONLY £7.65 This great product along with our entire range of accessorie

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21 Jun 2013

AIR INFLATION NOZZLE Beaver’s Air Inflation nozzle possibly the most easiest air inflation nozzle on the market! The Quick attach QD coupling allows easy connection to a B.C.D. hose for quick inflation of Delayed SMBs, Lift Bags etc. It is manufactured from high tensile polymer and is operated by simply bending the nozzle tip with your thumb….simples!  Supplied with a rust resistant stainless steel split ring and attachment clip. Product Code: NOZ R.R.P. ONLY £12.50 This great

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19 Jun 2013

QUICK RELEASE BOW SHACKLE CONNECTOR Beaver’s Quick Release Bow Shackle is an extremely strong shackle that is perfect for securely fastening those important and expensive items to your person during a dive. Constructed from heavy duty webbing that measure an impressive 30cm long, heavy duty stainless steel shackle and a central high tensile nylon side release buckle. Ideally suited for secure attachment of bulky equipment that requires fast access and simple quick  release. Product Code: LY6 R.R.P. £17.

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17 Jun 2013

SUPERSTRETCH NEOPRENE BEANIE HAT The Beaver Superstretch Neoprene Beanie Hat is a simple product that can help make the difference from having a good and bad day out. Manufactured from state of the art super soft material that is comfortable and extremely warm. Specifically designed to keep the heat in and stops that massive heat loss from your head when outside in the elements! COLOUR: BLACK. SIZES: SMALL, MEDIUM & LARGE. Product Code: NBH R.R.P. £13.95
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11 Jun 2013

AUTOMATIC SAFETY LIGHT Beaver’s Automatic Safety Light that is an ultra compact piece of safety equipment which will help you to keep you in contact with your buddy during poor visibility conditions.  Simply attach to a suitable location using the stainless steel pin. When in the water the Automatic Safety Light will activate upon contact with the water. The Automatic Safety Light flashes a distinctive green colour every 1.5 seconds and can be used up to 50m depth. It also has an impressive 200 hour burn time and will automatically switch off when dry.

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07 Jun 2013

LARGE DRY CANISTER Beaver’s heavy duty Large Dry Canister is  perfect for keeping your valuables such as rings, car keys, watches, mobile phones, first aid kits etc safe and dry. Beaver’s Large Dry Canister uses a high tensile polymer screw locking mechanism with a sealing O-Ring to ensure that your items remain dry and protected! Keep your valuable essential equipment safe, serviceable and in tip-top condition with Beaver’s heavy duty dry box. COLOURS: BLUE & YELLOW. Product Code: LDC<

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06 Jun 2013

TYRE INFLATOR Beaver’s Tyre Inflator is a small piece of equipment that can make life so much easier. The Quick attach QD coupling allows easy connection to a B.C.D. hose for quick inflation of car tyres, boats, inflatable Kayaks, Air Beds etc. It is manufactured from high grade, rust resistant stainless steel for increased durability.  With this simple and effective tool you will ensure that you are never caught deflated again! Product Code: TYR R.R.P. ONLY £13.75 This great p

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31 May 2013

McNett NITESTIK McNett Nitestik’s distributed by Beaver Sports are a revolutionary and cool way to make your key, bags, zipper etc glow in style. Ground-breaking construction methods and development in florescent technology has been harnessed to provide a bright and distinctive glow for up to 12 hours in darkness. The tiny compact and ultra lightweight Nitestik is charged in minutes by simply exposing to sun or torchlight prior to use and has a glow life of 10 years. Suitable for underwater use, tent zips, back packs, dive gear bags, keys & many more. T

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30 May 2013

STARLIGHT The Beaver Starlight is a state of the art, ultra compact and super lightweight aluminium LED torch, possibly the most powerful torch on the market with such tiny dimensions. Measuring a minuscule 10cms in length, with a diameter of only 1cm and weighing a mere 39 grams. Perfect for attaching to your mask strap and provides an intense convenient ray of light. Supplied with an innovative mask attachment clip for secure fastening to mask straps, enabling improved light for the user and displaying your position to your buddies during diving. The powerful 13

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29 May 2013

DIVE & SURFACE HORN Beaver’s Dive and Surface horn is a piece of safety equipment that could mean the difference from being located and not! The compact and lightweight pneumatic surface and underwater horn is specifically designed to help attract the attention of others by emitting a loud audible sound. The surface horn produces a high pitch, resonating frequency that can be heard for over 100 metres. The underwater horn produces a 125 dB tone that can be used to alert your buddy or other divers whilst under the water. Constructed from durable, high te

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24 May 2013

TORPEDO SURFACE MARKER BUOY Beaver’s Torpedo Surface Marker Buoy is one of the most popular and useful marker buoys on the market. Designed specifically to help surface users identify the location of a diver’s position during a dive. The heavy duty poly-vinyl construction, detachable flag and 7 conveniently located line attachment points make the Beaver Torpedo Surface Marker Buoy a popular choice for many divers. Product Code: SMB TO R.R.P. £16.95 Beaver stock a comprehensive range

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23 May 2013

NOVA-LIGHT Traditional and proven with the test of time, ultra bright 20 Watt, 8 degree beam, 200 lumen rechargeable dive lamp provides a clean and crisp beam of light in the oceans darkest conditions. Manufactured with a protective abrasion resistant front cover to guard against knocks and assist in providing reliable service for many years. Perfect as a main dive torch as the impressive 66 minute burn time paired with the comfortable hand grip help the Nova-Light out shine many similar models! Supplied with optional 10 watt bulb which doubles the burn time if de

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21 May 2013

  The highly stylish Beaver Neptune mask is a multi diverse mask, perfectly suited for snorkelling and scuba diving.  The Beaver Neptune mask is constructed from a high tensile polymer frame with super soft crystal silicone surround for unmatched comfort. The tempered, twin lens design provides maximum visibility which provides a fantastic view of your surroundings, gauges, etc. Features quick release strap clips that provide a great, comfortable fit. Supplied in an extremely useful and tough protective storage box ensuring your mask remains in top conduction.

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