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Eclipse Knife

Features 7½ cm pointed blade with line cutter in corrosion free 420 stainless steel. Supplied complete with sturdy and attractive Blue snap lock sheath & 2 tie wraps for quick and easy mounting. May be attached to life jacket or B.C.D. If desired.

Product Options:
Knife Colours Black
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RRP: £20.50-£24.50

Explorer Knife

Features 8 cm pointed blade in 420 stainless steel with serrated back & line cutter. Supplied with a strong mini snap lock sheath in attractive Blue colour & 2 tie wraps which allow quick and easy attachment to a safe and convenient location allowing quick access when required.

Product Options:
Knife Colours Yellow
Product Code(s):

RRP: £16.50

Marlin Knife

7cm straight blade in marine grade stainless steel with line cutter & serrated edge. Supplied with an highly versatile protective nylon sheath, which allows positioning in a convenient location A discrete, lightweight and small sized tool useful at an excellent price. COLOUR: BLACK.

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RRP: £16.95

Scorpio Safety Knife

Attractive Blue coloured small sized knife, features 7½ cm serrated blade in 420 stainless steel, with chisel point, line cutter, webbing sheath & 2 tie wraps that allow easy attachment to life jacket, B.C.D. Or other suitable equipment

Product Options:
Knife Colours Black, Yellow
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RRP: £25.75

Stiletto BCD/Hose Knife

The all new, light weight Stiletto knife is at the cutting edge of technology. This light weight B.C.D. or hose mounted knife, features a 9cm pointed blade with ultra sharp serrated & smooth edges & line cutter. Manufactured from rust resistant 304 grade stainless steel, with comfortable non-slip handle. The Stiletto is supplied with a useful lock mechanism sheath, complete with fittings for quick and easy attachment either to a B.C.D. pocket or inflation hose. COLOUR: BLACK. COLOUR: BLACK.

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RRP: £25.95

Trooper Knife With Hose Mounting

8 cm Blade in 420 stainless steel with dual blade & line cutter. Supplied complete with snap lock sheath & hose mounting kit, which allows easy access. When a standard knife mounted elsewhere may be out of reach when required.

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RRP: £11.95

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