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Dive Horn With Standard QD Fitting

Compact and lightweight Pneumatic Dive Horn to help quickly and simply attract the attention of other divers whilst SCUBA Diving underwater. No modifications to your existing diving equipment are required, as it easily connects in line with your B.C.D. inflation hose using standard QD fittings, installation of the Beaver Dive Horn will not affect the safe operation of your other equipment in any way. Installed literally in seconds by disconnecting the low pressure direct feed hose from your B.C.D. or Technical Diving Wing inflation unit and connecting the Dive Horn to the Inflator and the hose to the Dive Horn and it’s ready to go, it really is just that simple! Emits an extremely loud 125 dB tone underwater which can be heard over a large distance by other divers when the need arises. Alert divers that you require their attention by simply pressing a high profile button, which will use just a tiny amount of air to produce a piercingly loud sound. All parts are specifically sourced and manufactured from materials suitable for extended use in the harsh conditions of sea water and the unit is easy to use even when wearing the thickest dive gloves or mittens.

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RRP: £36.95

E.A.R. Face Mask

Durable polymer face mask with fitting for O2 administration. Supplied complete with high durability, high visibility storage/carrying case. This face mask can improve efficiency of resuscitation techniques & save lives.

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RRP: £10.50

E.A.R. Face Shield

Compact face shield that can provide a more effective seal & reduce the risk of material being passed back to the resuscitator. Complete with handy key-ring so you can always carry this essential equipment.

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RRP: £3.75

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